verification, compilers and reverse eng school


with elements of applied FP


  • In a park-hotel 60km from Moscow
  • Immerse deeper than conferences allow


Two weeks

  1. An intensive course on applied FP and workshop prerequisites (intro track), or on select frontier topics (advanced)

    8 ac. hours a day. Seminars are the primary format. Course notes, homework and chat available for online participants.

  2. Workshops: modal type theory, HOL, coinductive types in TC, TLA…

    Every participant arrives with something from a 5-min lightning talk to a three-day intensive or a 4-hour workshop. Invited experts talk on their current research, while enthusiasts describe their approaches to FM and help the audience reproduce and improve on their work.

    Workshops are either interactive and targeted upon concrete skill acquisition (~80%), or on map and subject understanding clarification (20%).

  3. A hackathon

    To apply newly acquired skills on live, non-training tasks. Two days with checkpoints.

In a single day

A single day consists of 12 ac. hours, that is 6 participant-driven workshops: technical ones on the announced topic, ones on related topics (intro to 8-bit AVR, websites with Purescipt, a round table on the better first PL), and non-technical ones. Come with whichever others will be interested in and whatever you can talk on well.

(During the intensive course there are 2-3 workshops and 4-3 lectures a day.)

Every evening we choose a programme for the day after tomorrow.

Who are the participants?

  1. Expert verifiers
  2. Senior software engineers
  3. Compiler engineers
  4. Systems and embedded engineers
  5. Effective altruists
  6. Students

Verifiers enjoy an opportunity to mentor, exchange experience, try their constructions out on senior swengs, while seniors and students come for rapid upskilling in a unique topic and community.


“Ershovo” park-hotel situated 60km from Moscow. Forest, lake and fields, boats, billiard and bicycles, sauna and barbecue; 200 Mb/s fibre uplink + 4G all at disposal. Double or single accomodation, five meals a day of catering. Three study halls sitting 50+ each, rooms for breakout sessions and a lecture hall.




The application process is organized as follows:

  1. Fill a questionnaire (ru) and join the participants’ peer review. After being accepted through the peer review,
  2. Pay the venue for accomodation
  3. Book a call with the organizers
  4. Submit a monetary contirbution and sign a contract
  5. (optional) Participate in the online pre-school